‘Violent’ Penticton man denied bail

Legal briefs and trial results from the Penticton Courthouse

A man facing multiple charges related to carrying a concealed firearm was denied bail on Tuesday in Penticton Provincial Court.

Jessy Arthur Michaud, 46, is facing 11 charges including the unauthorized possession of a firearm, carrying a concealed weapon or prohibited device, possessing a firearm knowing it was unauthorized, careless use of storage of a firearm and multiple breaches of probation.

Michaud was arrested at a Penticton hotel in August after a warrant was issued for his arrest, in which the police called Michaud a “violent” man.

In August Crown Counsel Chris Balison told the Western News that Michaud was charged with carrying a concealed shotgun on July 13, a date which coincides with a man who was caught on Penticton Courthouse security footage entering the courthouse carrying a DeWalt toolkit that was later reported as containing a loaded shotgun.

Michaud has a lengthy criminal record.