Watt wants to make the system better

City of Penticton: Watt, Campbell Councillor candidate

I have been involved in many community organizations as a volunteer for a large part of the last six years, including being president of the Chamber of Commerce, president of the Downtown Penticton Association, the city’s Community and Business Development Committee, Downtown Revitalization Committee.

I sit on two committees at the Penticton Golf and Country Club and I am a member of the Local Immigration Partnership Council.

I want to bring a fresh perspective to the decision making process at city hall. I am a firm believer in making decisions around a board table based on doing my homework, asking the hard questions and making decisions based on all the facts.

We have a great community but at times we can lose sight of the bigger picture as issues arise and I believe strong leadership will help correct that. I want to return accountability and common sense to issues as they come in front of council.


Campbell Watt is looking to bring his business experience to Penticton city council.

“I would say without a doubt I can play a role in making the system better. I have seen over  the last couple of years, there have been attempts at change for the better, but I haven’t seen them come to fruition yet,” said Watt, a mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Clear Mortgage.

Watt said he remember talking with business advocate George Little about streamlining business licensing.

“We actually sat down with city staff and brought this topic up of how much simpler we believed the business licensing process should be. He had a great vision and I shared the vision,” said Watt. “I will have the ability, being on council, to make a bigger impact.”

Watt, considered running for council for some time before making his final decision.

“I have seen first-hand and truly believe that a person with pure intentions can in fact make a difference,” said Watt. “At the end of the day, I would love my two-and-a-half year old daughter to open up her own business when she is graduated and done university. And why would I not want her to do it here in Penticton?”

Watt, president of both the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Penticton Association, said his focus won’t solely be on economic issues.

“I think when you take on the role of councillor, that is an automatic focus. I think you should already be looking at economic development, you should already be looking at growth in Penticton,” said Watt.

Watt said he is not entering the race with the thinking he might not win.

“I really am running because I believe I can win and I am hoping to win,” said Watt. “I take that as a huge compliment and although I haven’t committed to resigning or taking leave, based on those requests, I am leaning to taking the leave.”

Watt is also a member of Penticton’s community and business development committee, the downtown revitalization committee as well as two committees for the Penticton Golf Club, where he once worked as a golf pro.