A bad time for politicians

I note with some bemusement the inordinate number of politicians who have decided, for whatever reasons, not to seek re-election. Perhaps the “time with family” is a legitimate reason for some departures, but I find it hard to believe this applies to all resignations. I wonder if some departures are because honourable people are just fed up with the sleaziness of the current political arena.

We have a prime minister who has been cited for contempt of Parliament — the representatives of the Canadian people. His arrogance is only exceeded by his fear-mongering. PM Harper tries to convince the population that a coalition of the other three parties would be disastrous, yet he has survived this long only because of his coalitions with other parties.

He refused to explain, in a timely manner, the details of certain aspects of the budget. Is he going to spend billions on the penal system so that he can put first-time tokers in jail for six months? This type of prosecution has failed to rehabilitate in every other country.

Is he going to continue to spend billions on enforcing solicitation (communicating for the purpose of…) laws, despite the fact that prostitution is legal and the three key prostitution laws have been struck down?

He takes credit with how Canada has survived the investment and housing crises, yet our strict laws and guidelines were in place long before he became prime minister — he had little to do with our good fortune.

Instead of maintaining the GST at seven per cent and redirecting the surplus two per cent back to infrastructure to rev the economy, he chose to buy votes by making questionable election promises, despite being advised to maintain the GST at seven per cent. Where has all our surplus gone?

The loyalty of departing MPs to their parties is evident, if not understandable. From my perspective, PM Harper is now slinging the dirtiest kind of mud, he lacks empathy, and he is secretive and dictatorial. It is time for him to step down as leader of the federal Conservative Party.

Lately I have not seen any group at either the municipal, provincial or federal level who can prioritize without emotion. Perhaps we should elect only independent MPs and MLAs who would actually represent their constituents, rather than allowing themselves to be “whipped” by a political party.

Patrick MacDonald