A corporate tax dodge

We’re all familiar with The Fraser Institute and its findings. What some of us may not know is that it’s a tax-free organization that portrays the policies corporations and most of the regular business community wish to have implemented.

There is another institution that publishes policies meant to benefit the general populace. It also enjoys tax-free status but depends on socially responsible members of the community for support. It is called the CCPA or Canadian Council for Policy Alternatives. Needless to say, they have much less money to spend, which may or may not contribute to the reason why The Fraser Institute generates much more publicity.

In any event, the CCPA has just published research figures that disprove the correlation between tax cuts for business and job creation: In the last 10 years, 198 of Canada’s wealthiest corporations are making 50 per cent more profit while paying 20 per cent less taxes — all the while creating fewer jobs than provided by the general economy.

Conclusion: The further transfer of taxes away from corporations as provided for by the HST in the upcoming referendum must be defeated.

H.P. Toews