A political exodus

Penticton voter says much to consider when looking at principal players for provincial election.

With an election in the offing, there is much to consider when looking at the principal players.

One only need investigate the actions — past and present — of the would-be leaders.

First let’s look at the plight of the young population in B.C. It seems that a combination of inept, corrupt Liberal government and an impending massive NDP sweep in combination with one another, are likely to drive young people out of this province like never before.

Christy Clark has failed miserably in her proposed job creation promises. She has not helped with the cost of housing, nor has she dealt with the child poverty issues that run rampant in this province.

Adrian Dix and the NDP crew with its past record of alarming taxes and its willy-nilly spending and open-purse policies is also contributing to the mass exodus of young people as they head for Conservative Alberta and Saskatchewan in search of better jobs and more affordable housing.

What would you expect them to do?

There are so few job prospects today and even fewer after next year’s election. Many young folks are leaving now to beat the rush next May and June.

In light of the large lead in the polls, don’t expect to hear from Dix on these issues until after the election.

We can’t forget about those pesky Liberal gas, carbon taxes, smart meters, higher insurance and hydro. People can escape these issues by heading for the confines of neighbouring provinces

What potential leader would be happy about this?

The easy answer is: the moving companies, that’s who. As they plan for steady growth over the next 11 or 12 months. Maybe this is what Christy Clark meant about creating jobs.

Better hurry folks, Dix will find a way to tax you on the way out of town.

What do you think? The cries of “Eastward ho” seem to be getting louder each day.

Ron Barillaro