A simple choice

In these upcoming elections we must make a simple choice.

If you as a Canadian cherish our social programs, you only have one choice: bite the sour grape and vote NDP, the only party that will ensure all our social programs stay intact. Both Mr. Ignatieff and Mr. Harper have expressed their views regarding our economic recovery, which will include giant tax breaks for corporations, telling us that this measure will be creating jobs. This is exactly the same policy, initiated by Ronald Reagan, that started the U.S.A. down the path of their current destruction. The financial voids created due to those same tax cuts will always shift the tax burden from giant corporations onto the middle class.

Because of those kind of Reaganomics, the U.S.A. is about to lose their Medicare system, which will now be run by private corporations.

On top of their double-digit unemployment with a never-before-seen amount of their population dependant on food stamps, U.S. citizens will now be collecting medical stamps to boot if the Paul Ryan plan passes the House.

Giving tax breaks to giant corporations has never created a single job, but have always ended up as extra revenue in their shareholders’ pockets.

Please be careful if you plan on voting either Liberal or Conservative because both of their leaders are true believers in Reaganomics. Called as such because it was Ronald Reagan that first lowered the corporate tax base in the U.S.A. and this measure has proven itself to have such a devastating effect to the point where even their public education system is about to be privatized with public schools being sold to the highest bidder.

To top things off, under the disguise of NATO, our very own Mr. Harper is lending a hand in interfering in a foreign nation’s internal affairs to help initiate regime change in Libya by bombing innocent civilians. The cost to us, the taxpayer is $1.25 million for each Tomahawk missile dropped in Libya while we are paying for parking in our taxpayer-financed hospital parking lot?

Is this really the directions you want this country to be heading? I think not.

What we need as a leader is a master in economics, not a believer in Reaganomics like Mr. Harper.

Robert Eichmuller