A super experience

Shopper impressed by Penticton's new Real Canadian Super Store

I would like to express some thoughts and views on our new super duper magnum store that opened recently. It must either be very popular, or the town is just inquisitive. The last time I had trouble parking like that was at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver.

For a first timer accompanied by a 90-year-old neighbour, we were overwhelmed at the sheer hugeness of the store itself. I would describe it was something between a WestJet air craft hangar and the Edmonton Mall, with an 18-hole golf course thrown in for good measure.

For a new store with new employees, I must say the staff were very efficient and knowledgeable. I thought for sure I was going to stump the janitor with his Rolls Royce cart. Full to the brim with cleaning supplies, so I asked Ian where I might find the toothpicks, and without any hesitation, he took us directly, not just to the aisle, but the product itself. Now that’s what I call dedication to the job and the customer.

Now the down side for my 90-years-young neighbour. She had her shopping list, with medication being on her agenda. So we struck out in the early morning for the pharmacy on the far side. Next were barn muffins on the other far side, then on to the meat section on the middle of the other far side. Well, anyways after we executed our grocery list, we arrived at the check-out around mid-afternoon. It was only then that I noticed the mini-golf carts. Oh well, I can’t remember the last time I had to take an afternoon nap, but I did.

Well done Super Store, and maybe think about getting one of them there “You are here” directories, and a booth for us old fossils in case we get lost.

Andy Homan