A voter’s dilemma

From what I had heard of Dan Albas, until recently, I began to think that he might be enough to cause me to change my long-standing policy of never voting for Conservative members (aside from a candidate I could believe in).

I still hold against Harper and his party the misdeeds of Brian Mulroney et al. I realize they are not as closely connected as the name suggests and that there could or should be forgiveness/grace extended to that party (whether or not they show a willingness to change or improve or repent) but I see no evidence that Harper acknowledges the great stain on the “blue party”.

Now it comes to light that perhaps Albas had advantages over the other candidates. I also note that Albas was the first to “litter” his signs all over the OK Falls landscape and even displaying the gall to attach a sign to a highway sign. Is this not illegal?

As for the Liberals, they offer me no reason to vote for them. I am not “easily bought” with taxpayers’ money (an absurd distinction as we all presumably pay taxes, even those who attempt to elude the taxman). The political parties all talk of taxpayers like scientists might talk of humans (seemingly forgetting that they also are what they are talking about).

The NDP? They have the stain from association with the past B.C. NDP governments, and Layton is not offering responsible nor deliberate thoughts or ideas. Buy us, find our price, is his aim in my opinion.

The Greens? May is not very charismatic (not necessarily a fault) and the platform isn’t being made clear as yet but perhaps the media deserve some fault for that? Why on earth are CBC, CTV and other “conglomerate members” so opposed to finding a way to improve democracy? Would it really be that hard to find a balance, a way of moderating the debate so that all of the parties get their voices out?

The Greens have more legitimacy than the NDP, Liberals and Conservatives put together, and that is a fact. They have more legitimacy because they, as yet, haven’t made false promises, made foolish promises (the NDP), nor been found in contravention of the law, and they offer something of a positive view/platform rather than the “same old” bashing of other parties.

Patrick Longworth

Okanagan Falls