Albas displays commitment

As you know, Dan Albas won the Conservative nomination meeting for Okanagan Coquihalla. During his nomination speech he spoke of his time on council and in my opinion downplayed the asset he has been to Pentictonites.

Dan was the approachable councillor. He was the man you went to with your problems at City Hall.

After assuming office, Dan opened up a blog and was in daily communication with not only his supporters but all the voters in Penticton that cared to communicate with him. He always answered phone calls and emails — at considerable cost of time for his family and himself.

I would also like to thank Tara, his wife, as I know only her wholehearted support enabled him to put in the many hours of dedication he gave to the people of our city.

Many of us will remember his contribution to our society at the local level for a long time and will remember him as the “People’s Councillor”.

Dan was unfailingly polite and ‘open’ to all, including myself, which must have been a trial at times as I am known as a demanding critic of the actions of council.

Dan spent many years on committee work behind the scenes before running for council. When elected he proved to be an overwhelming favourite and he never let us down.

Above all Dan proved in his two-and-a-half years that he was willing to listen and act on the behalf of his constituents. He proved he was willing to stand for what he believed in, whether I or anyone else agreed with him. Most importantly he proved he could stand on his beliefs and principles. A much-needed trait in a politician.

Dan will be a hard act to follow. I will be watching his career with interest over the next decade.

I for one will be watching to see the new replacements at City Hall next year and how they interact with the public; how open, accountable and financially responsible they will be to the public they have sworn to serve.

Good for you Dan Albas. All the best to you and your family.

Elvena and Ernie Slump




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