Alternative options

Penticton resident says provides some tongue-and-cheek methods to regaining funds lost from hockey dorm project

I wonder if the keepers of our hard-earned tax dollars might consider some feasible methods and suggestions to recover our dwindling city funds regarding the aborted hockey dorm project.

I propose, they invite Universal Studios or 20th Century Fox (for a substantial fee of course) to shoot some stills and film footage for some future disaster movie, using the scene on Eckhardt Avenue West as a backdrop.

Now, as a cunning way to get the removal of the tons of rebar, we could cut loose a dozen or so graffiti artists armed with copper tone cans of spray paint, and as sure as eggs are eggs, some gullible precious metal thief will steal away with it in the middle of the night, without a trace.

Now, the stagnant standing water that remains can be used a breeding ground for mosquito larvae to enable biologists to do further research on the Western Nile Virus, etc.

These ideas are not as far fetched as the city blunder from hence this fiasco on Eckhardt Avenue was conceived.

Andy Homan