Another mayoral candidate

Vic Powell adds his name to the list of those planning to run for mayor of Penticton

I have noticed like everyone else has, the hype over Dan Ashton’s possible vacating the mayor’s chair In May 2013. That is if he wins in the provincial election.

The names mentioned are Coun. Garry, Litke who speck out of both sides of his face; Julius Bloomfield, who wants the city to go further in debt by producing electric power on all the waterways around the city; and Katie Robinson, who thinks building a performing arts centre is not considered a nicety.

As much as I applaud the information of the press, there was one more individual that ran for the mayor’s seat in the last election that was not mentioned nor was he contacted. I thank you very much.

That person was yours truly (Vic Powell).

Just because I ran as the underdog in the last election don’t think for one minute that I wouldn’t run again. I am a straight talker and won’t beat around the bush when asked a question.

As a taxpayer, I am not about to stand by and watch our tax money thrown around like water — such as, the Eckhardt Avenue property fiasco, $8 million proposal for the Lakeshore Drive and who knows how much for the downtown revitalizations project.

I hope this clears everyone thinking that I am not about to back down from seeking the mayor’s seat. I have never been known for giving up that easily.

I thank you for your support.

Vic Powell