Attack will backfire

Letter writer tired of NDP leader Thomas Mulclair attack ads.

I rather doubt I’m the only Canadian sick and tired of the Harper attack ad directed at NDP Leader Thomas Mulclair that enters my living room uninvited, day after day.

The sickly spin on Mulclair only strengthens my dislike for Stephen Harper and his puppets.

I am not saying Thomas Mulclair is the future leader that Canada needs, but I know for sure the one Canada has now was a bad choice from the get-go in my opinion.

Harper, like most politicians, failed miserably to show his true colours prior to finally squeezing enough votes from a majority of a minority of the electorate.

Jack Layton had his dream, Mulclair has his, and Harper has become a Canadian nightmare.

I would like to believe that Jack and Thomas were born with the capability of injecting colour and public gold back into a fading political rainbow.

Breathing sunshine and strength of new leadership is needed now to lift the doom and gloom that hovers from coast to coast.

The brush of Thomas Mulclair could complete the canvas of the Jack Layton dream mixed with his own.

Combining the two with the dream of all Canadians isn’t such a bad dream either.

Thank you for the unwanted attack on Thomas Mulclair, Harper, and prepare for a backfire you truly deserve.

Tom Isherwood