B.C. Liberals showing true colours

Wheelchair fees now, but what's going to come next?

In his Inside B.C. column, Les Leyne asks, wheelchair fees now but, what next?

I have to wince as I type thinking of those constituents who rejected Christy and how she used her false charm on the few who supported her fixed byelection.

They will soon learn the words to the Christy Clark theme song, “I fooled you once, I’ve fooled you twice and I’ll fool you once again.”

More of my premier’s BS to put your mind at rest, “I will continue to fool the few who reset me while ignoring the pests who see through me.”

Barnum said, “There is a sucker born every minute.”

But unlike Premier Clark I would never have guessed there were so many residing in one place.

People would have to be unconscious if they are unaware of the changes, surfacing yesterday, today and likely tomorrow, that were planned before the fixed by-election.

Regarding wheelchair fees for those in need is perhaps only the seed to ignite other bad Liberal deeds ?

Perhaps rental of crutches, bedpans, or pay toilets and televisions and even charge day visitors who bring sunshine and pleasure to  elderly hearts in care homes.

One thing nice is B.C. has a new health minister, Terry Lake, a veterinarian who perhaps could donate some time clipping nails and filing teeth for those  elderly that still have them.

Perhaps  accumulated Air Miles could be offered to those wheelers who save enough miles to fly a political airbag out of our country.

Tom Isherwood