B.C. politics can make for some strange bedfellows

How is a poor-performing government going to change if we keep voting for it?

On the surface, B.C. Liberal candidate Linda Larsen and former Conservative MP Stockwell Day make for strange bedfellows.

However, look into the history of our HST debacle and you’ll find Mr. Day and his federal Conservatives, along with federal Liberals, working together to ram that hated tax down our throats. Without the two parties signing on, we would not have had the HST. Funny how they can come together on issues that benefit their parties.

Again, British Columbians are reduced to electing a government they hope will do the least amount of damage, since good, honest, competent governments have gone the way of the dodo bird. We share in that blame by our complacency. After all, almost 50 per cent of people don’t bother to vote.

In today’s politics, all MLAs must do exactly what their leader tells them; independent thought is not a pre-requisite for the job. Instead, all parties want rubber-stamp MLAs who will parrot the party line and be willing to ignore their constituents. Currently, all party candidates seem willing to accept this.

We would like to see a party leader state before this next election that their MLAs will have a free vote on all important issues. That’s democracy. There needs to be a balance in government; currently the dictatorial party system rails against the democratic principles of free speech.

If you are not yet fed-up with B.C. politics and are contemplating who to vote for this May, remember this: how is a poor-performing government going to change if we keep voting for it? If you don’t complain about a bad meal or bad service at a restaurant, why would the restaurant improve?

Is it time for a complete change of government in B.C.? You have to decide. Every vote sends a message; make it count. What’s your message?

Let the many mistakes of the B.C. Liberals be a lesson to all parties that British Columbians are willing to take a more active part in how they are being governed. We are dedicated to doing exactly that, and would love to hear from anyone else who feels the same way.

Paul McCavour

& Julie Turner