B.C.’s future at stake

Penticton reader says do your homework before next provincial election.

This is in response to Mr. Barillaro’s response to my letter.

First, may I say that I am aware of the issues  (child poverty, etc.), and my concern for our province is based not on  the heart but on the mind, ie. how we will fare in the coming years if the NDP get in. As far as the mega jobs  promised, when we consider the world economy, it  had to play a part  on that promise. As we are a province that counts on sales of our natural resources and the demand drops through the floor it matters not who is at the helm. Question: How would your B.C. First party  do things differently?

As a senior who is very concerned  about where we are heading in this province, may I suggest that you and your party remind people of all the foolish things the NDP did  rather than sit back and snipe at our premier. And yes, I’m doing my homework before the next election  — you can bet on that.

Bernard Miron