Better regulations needed

Re: Problems with ICBC. When I retired I was offered a private extended health coverage which I had to take the day I retired or loose it. The coverage pamphlet advertised, among other benefits, 100 per cent prosthetics and worldwide medical which included evacuation for reasons of life or limb.

Two years ago I had a leg infection in Mexico after a sports accident and subsequent operation. After seven days in the hospital without success despite throwing everything they had at the infection, three doctors gave me three to five days, limb or life and requested that I get a medivac back to Canada. On the fifth day medical evacuation was approved, but only after the three doctors got on the phone on day four to them. They had to support the medivac with yet another letter. In the meantime I had to have three transfusions just to get me through the week. On day seven, I finally arrived in Penticton. I finally ended up losing my leg in VGH after another medivac.

Now I am having trouble with the same insurance company covering my prosthetic knee as prescribed by my rehab doctor. I am hopeful they will cover at least my on going expensive deductibles.

Before you go and try and privatize ICBC, better figure out that it is better to improve what we have than get something way worse like total private and figure out the root cause of the ICBC problems. We need better insurance regulations and an insurance ombudsman. You can’t leave it to private control.

Brian Tyre