Big brother is watching

Letter writer asks voters if they knew what they were getting.

Nice of Dan Albas to take a break from his victory dance over the wine bill to remind us that he and his buddy, the ham-fisted Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, haven’t given up on their Internet snooping bill (C-30).

Albas used his last MP Report to tell us that the snooping bill will be back and there’s nothing you can do about it. But that’s probably fine with the people who handed Albas his landslide last May.

Let’s see now. These masters of small government want to read our emails. They also propose to eavesdrop on us in our cars as we wait at border crossings. And now we see them triumphantly announcing an “information sharing” agreement with the U.S. Homeland Security sluggos. That’s the American group led by Janet Napolitano who famously thought the 9/11 terrorists came in from Canada. I’m thrilled to think those “stand your ground” lawmakers are taking such an interest in our comings and goings.

Is this the price of inclusion in the murky TransPacific Free Trade deal? Is this what you voted for?

Bob Nicholson