Bill contradicts values

Bill C-31 gives minister power to designate countries "irregular" and reject residency status

I am extremely disappointed and alarmed by Bill C-31. I was alerted to this by Amnesty International as they have grave concerns regarding the content of this bill and the new powers that are being placed in the hands of one minister

To have the power to designate countries as safe or “irregular” and impose a mandatory jail sentence of one year for those who come from “irregular” countries is not only cruel but unconstitutional.

To have the power to revoke residency status years after people have established themselves in this country is inhumane. I have seen cases of this in my own area.

There is no visible reason why this is being done to young families who have resided in one town for many years and have permanent jobs and many friends.

Some of us like to think of Canada as a compassionate country that offers a safe haven for those in need of protection and where families can reunite, not be kept apart for five years simply because they come from an “irregular” country.

Donna Stocker