Book sheds light on prisons

The library sent me Book One of the Prison Diaries (Jeffrey Archer) and Book Three. (I presume Book Two was out.) I read Book Three first, thinking it would be passable — but it was bad enough. Then I read Book One (subtitled Hell). It left me in shock.

I strongly urge all who are considering a prison in this valley (or any other part of Canada) to read these books. Council members must purchase them. Mr. Harper might even change his mind.

Others who may not be able to purchase all three can eventually get them from the library. Or go into Hooked on Books, sit in one of their comfortable chairs and read some pages. In Book One turn to page 171 and find out how a prisoner who may have tried grass can  readily become a heroin addict. And be sure to read Fleshs’ story (near the end). You may well end up buying the book — a  wise idea.

Dodi  Morrison