Bottom of the barrel

South Okanagan resident says little waste in barrel of crude oil

There are hundreds of different types of hydrocarbons mixed together in a barrel of crude oil.

During refining (heating), some of these hydrocarbons will produce: Petroleum gas – heating, cooking, plastics, under pressure- liquified petroleum gas LPG; Naptha – cleaning fluid and basis for many products; Gasoline – automobile gas; Kerosine – jet fuel and some tractors; gas oil or diesel distillates – diesel fuel and heating oil; Lubricating oil – liquid or in grease form; Heavy gas or fuel oil – industrial fuel; Residuals – coke, asphalt, tar, waxes, sulphur. Plus chemicals for cosmetics, tires, fertilizers, chemical warfare. So there is little waste in a barrel of crude.

Donald E Thorsteinson