Bus route needed

The loss of Penticton's #3 bus route will create a hardship for seniors and others in the community

Re: Carl Harris’ letter on transit changes.

My husband and I also use the upper level route of the #3 bus. Like Mr. Harris, we use the route very often.

My husband and I are on limited income and we do not own a car. I also suffer from arthritis and so I have a hard time taking strenuous walks, especially up and down hills. When we go grocery shopping, this upper level route is very handy and saves me a painful walk back home.

As Mr. Harris pointed out in his letter, there are many people in the area who really benefit from using this route. There are many times when I have been of this bus route where there are young mothers with strollers and seniors with their walkers on the bus.

My husband and I believe that by eliminating this upper level route, the city will be alienating many residents who live in the area. I hope the city will revisit this idea.

Gordon and Edna Johnson