Campaign begins in April

Volunteers needed for door-to-door canvassing campaign over the month of April

A few weeks ago, Judy Senkiw and Marie Tebbutt began volunteering at the local unit of the Canadian Cancer Society. What is especially notable about their volunteering is that these two ladies have taken on the role of co-chairpersons of the society’s annual door-to-door residential campaign which takes place during the month of April.

This is a major fundraising activity and they will be busily recruiting canvassers so that residents will have an opportunity to donate when a volunteer canvasser knocks on their door. A major hurdle for the campaign is finding sufficient volunteers who can donate three or four hours of their time, at their convenience, during the month of April. Can you help?

Funds raised for the society will be invested in cancer research to save lives; be used to deliver trusted information and caring support to people living with cancer; and to continue cancer prevention initiatives.

The City of Penticton has proclaimed the month of April as Daffodil Month. During Daffodil Month, and especially on Daffodil Day (April 27), the Canadian Cancer Society is asking Canadians to join the fight against cancer by proudly wearing a daffodil pin as a symbol of support for people living with cancer. Every three minutes, another Canadian will hear the words “you have cancer” for the first time, and the Canadian Cancer Society wants them to know that they are not alone.

We need the help of Penticton and area residents. We require volunteers to help with canvassing and the distribution of the daffodil pins during April. If you can help us this year, please call the local office at 250-490-9681, or drop into our office at 166 Main St.

Once again, we thank those who have helped in the past, and look forward to becoming acquainted to many more volunteers this year.

Jean Corrie, volunteer


Canadian Cancer Society