Candidate a strong voice

Gary Leaman brings an important skill set to the council table.

I am very pleased to see that Gary Leaman is running for city council in this election.

Gary was a member of council when I was mayor from 2002-05 and was a strong contributor at the table. He is a fiscal conservative and is able to balance the taxpayers needs with the importance of keeping taxes at a reasonable level. While he is a team player, Gary has his own opinions on issues important to the city and does not hesitate to share them.

Perhaps the one thing I respected most of all was that Gary ran on a platform that represented concerns expressed by citizens, and when elected he expected to work to see those issues addressed, he was not there to just fill a seat. This is an important attribute and something we should always look for in our elected officials.

Gary Leaman brings an important skill set to the council table. His years of experience at Cherry Lane dealing with leases within the mall gives him unique insight into Penticton’s market and demographic structure. He has considerable insight into what this community’s strengths and weaknesses are and this makes for an important voice at the council table. His former role as president of the chamber of commerce adds to this depth of experience and allows him to represent this segment of our community well.

As a member of council I always respected Gary’s willingness to bring ideas to the table, ask questions to clarify issues and above all to take a stand when he felt he was required to do so. This created respect among his peers as we were always able to tell he had the best interests of the city at heart. In addition, Gary’s dry sense of humour more than once relieved tension in the room, making him a valuable member of the ‘team”.

I believe that with his previous experience, strategic thinking and knowledge of the community, Gary Leaman will be a valuable addition to council, helping us to face significant challenges in the next three years.

On Nov. 19 I will be voting Gary Leaman for councillor.

David Perry