Candidate’s traits shine through

Thank you for the Western’s coverage of candidates and issues in this election, which hopefully will help increase voter turnout.

In comparing candidates, John Kidder’s life experience, positive attitude and sincerity shine through. Conservatives repeat that the money for this election is wasted but don’t apologize for the waste on G8/G20, questions on costs of jets and jails, or why they spent hundreds of thousands brainwashing people to hate Michael Ignatieff. Harper’s tactics seem lifted from the 9th Wave, published in 1956 with the protagonist running campaigns successfully on a “Fear plus Hate equals Power” theory. Not the upbeat “Follow John” of Diefenbaker days.

We need to elect MPs who know how debate intelligently, who believe in parliamentary democracy and who care about the future of Canada and all Canadians more than ideology. I believe we have that choice this election in John Kidder.

Jeanne Lamb