Cashing in on changes

Move towards a totally cashless society would do away with many of our quaint customs

Regarding the recent CBC commentary on a proposed “totally cashless” society: There go the rest of our quaint customs.

They took our “inch” (a pinch to grow an inch); they took our “mile”; they eliminated our “master of”; and recently our “bright as a newly minted penny.”

Now how will the tooth fairy deliver? A promissory note in a birthday card? Flip a chip, instead of a coin? How do you give the kid two bits, a looney or a tooney — or tip the waitress?

There go the coins in a birthday cake for luck. Jingling the chips in your pocket? What will be the safe age to ‘trust’ the children with the family chip? They might want to buy candy or a cone.

And horrors — no more “under the table”, which was caused by the government in the first place. Just tattoo the backside at birth and present on all occasions where any monetary transaction is necessary.

On the bright side, remaining coinage and paper money should delight collectors and dealers.

Buryl Slack