Cellphone service poor

Canadians must continue to fight for cellphone and Internet affordability

According to Openmedia.org, “Canadians pay some of the highest cellphone fees and are forced into some of the worst contracts in the in the industrialized world. Our broken cellphone market limits our use of mobile Internet technologies, and with it our creativity and entrepreneurship.

Providing more choice for Canadians is crucial to innovation, and the success of our economy.

Canadians suffer from poor service because three big cellphone conglomerates control nearly 94 per cent of the market

To make matters even worse, Rogers has come up with a plan to block our access to the few affordable mobile services that do exist by obtaining scarce wireless spectrum assets. This will mean more control for big telecom and higher prices and less choice for you and your family.”

Canadians must continue to fight for cellphone and Internet affordability. If you have Internet access, go to Openmedia.org/newspaper. This site provides a letter-writing tool which gives us a powerful way to speak out and wake up our local MPs. You can help by writing to your local newspaper to speak out against disrespectful service, price-gouging and a lack of choice for telecom services in Canada.

I encourage each and every Canadian to learn more at www.DemandChoice.ca, and read OpenMedia.ca’s study about Canada’s dysfunctional cellphone market at www.openmedia.ca/UpgradeCanada.

S. Sadler