Change comes from within

Embassy closure is a reckless act by Prime Minister Harper

The recent closure of the Canadian embassy in Iran and closing the Iranian embassy in Canada is yet another irresponsible act by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that shows his ignorance and lack of knowledge of world affairs.

He is at best an accomplice of the bullies that want to tell independent nations how to run their countries when they need to look at their own records of abuse of human rights. Being best buddy to Mr. Netanyahu tells us that “tell us who your friends are, and we tell you who you are.”

Instead of listening to the people of Canada, Mr. Harper seems to listen to those who spread misery around the world under the pretext of spreading democracy. Tens of billions of our tax dollars are wasted on ventures of intrusion into the affairs of foreign countries, such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, Haiti, Libya and now the target is Iran.

No matter how bad and corrupt the governments in these countries are, change should come from within, not in the least from Canada. Mr. Harper would be well advised to clean up the mess we have in Canada with the corruption in the police, the legal system and erosion of our human rights, before criticizing other countries.

Rolf Loth