Check for qualifications

Customers should ensure their hair stylist has a certificate of qualifaction

Once again, hair salons are popping up all over the place. I wonder just how many actually have a certificate of qualification or even a voluntary membership in the Cosmetology Association, known now as Beauty Council.

My fear is for the public safety. There have been documented reports of clients being harmed and left with undesirable results due to unskilled stylists.

As the owner of Penticton School of Hair, we offer upgrading to stylists that have possibly worked for years without having written the exams. The need is to upgrade as far as sanitation and safety issues are concerned. We offer the certificate of qualification exam four times a year and will have available necessary information to prepare for it. Beauty Safe is another program designed for the cosmetologist to increase their knowledge in this regard.

The Industry Training Authority offers exams monthly for certificate of qualification for anyone interested in obtaining their red seal.

Because this industry was deregulated in 2004, many stylists do not feel the need to have any certification. All I can say to that is buyer beware.

Many stylists working without proper licensing leave themselves open to lawsuits. I encourage the clientele of these stylists to ask for proof of qualification. There should be documentation visible as well as a business licence.

Nancy Fletcher