Chinese takeover a threat

If the Nexen deal is approved, complete ownership of a Canadian company will be turned over to a communist government

The best defence is a good offence.  Once again Chairman Harper is inclined to disguise the facts of the FIPA through smoke-and-mirrors and the support of inexperienced MPs.

Dan Albas has certainly shown us that he has learned a lot about parliamentary procedures, but his ongoing explanations of those procedures do not address core issues and are one-sided — his loyalty to Harper is evident and appears to take precedence over all others.

If anyone really wants to find out about the China-Canada FIPA, I urge you to Google:  China Canada FIPA.  There you will find myriad articles, written by highly respected, educated and intelligent professionals from all walks of life that express grave doubts about this agreement as it now stands.  But, of course, a group of 163 Conservative MPs, 66 of whom have little more than a high school education (41 per cent of 163 Conservative MPs) must know better than all these esteemed professionals.

The real concern is not so much FIPA — details can be worked out if given time.  Is this likely — given Harper’s ego?  No one is “opposed to trade” and such comments are ill-conceived and immature — but any agreement must be fair to both sides.

The real concern, which Dan Albas didn’t mention (I don’t blame him), is the 100 per cent  $15.1 billion buyout of Canadian-owned Nexen by the government of China. Nexen shareholders “are delighted”…the rich get rich and….

If the Nexen deal is approved, Canadians will have a lopsided agreement that gives complete ownership of a Canadian company to a communist government.  Don’t believe this?  Google: China-Canada Nexen and again see the myriad negative professional opinions on this deal.

Dan Albas can attack Harper’s detractors and support his broken party policy all he wants, but the truth is readily available for all to see — these are not just my opinions.   Comments that define another’s opinion as “deception” are, again, immature and contribute nothing to public debate.  Oh, I forgot: Harper et al don’t want public debate.

Patrick MacDonald