Choir facing challenge

The Sage Valley Voices Community Choir in need of a pianist

This letter is about community spirit, that very special something that is vital to the health and happiness of our small Okanagan towns.

Sometimes it is difficult to pin down exactly what we mean by “community spirit” and where do we find it. Let me tell you about one such group that totally fulfills the definition of community spirit.

For the last 10 years, The Sage Valley Voices Community Choir has been working together in the town of Oliver. Starting with 12 members, it has now reached the grand total of 50 members. This choir requires no audition to join, just a joy of singing and a love of togetherness and friendship. Many people new to Oliver have found a place to belong in the choir. Everyone is welcomed with open arms.

The choir itself is non-profit and money raised at their concerts goes out into the community to help support the soup kitchen, the food bank, students and many others We take part in many community activities such as the Remembrance Day service.

The choir is now facing a serious crisis which could put an end to this wonderful organization. At the end of the Christmas concert, with no previous warning, the choir pianist just quit, leaving the choir scrambling for a replacement. Surely there is someone out there who could accompany the choir for their spring concert in April. If you like laughter, fun and great friendship and would like to help out, we’d like to hear from you. Let’s keep the community spirit strong.

Alice DeRoche