Christmas is a part of Canadian culture

Christmas is just as much a secular holiday as it is a religious holiday and both should be respected

Christmas, not holiday. This is Canada and Christmas has been part of our tradition and culture for generations. Today though, it is somehow offensive, it’s being made into a dirty word, which makes no sense. To the Christmas haters I ask, why are you not being tolerant to the millions of us who love this time of year? You can preach tolerance but can’t practise it yourselves.

To any immigrant that finds Canadian traditions offensive I have to ask this: This nation has opened its doors to you so you can have a chance at a better quality of life and freedom. So why would you complain about our traditions and culture and call them offensive?

Those that enjoy our culture and traditions need to do more than just talk but support your words by actions. Our family shop at stores that have the respect and courtesy to Canadian culture and traditions. It really is simple, don’t compromise.

Christmas is just as much a secular holiday as it is a religious holiday and both should be respected. Time for the haters to quit hating and to tolerate Christmas. Holiday tree? Holiday gifts? Really? This is what they are forcing on us to try and eliminate the word Christmas.

This whole idea that we have other holidays so we need to say holiday instead of Christmas is bunk. Hanukkah and Kwanzaa may be in December, but the retailers know they don’t pay the bills. Retail advertising does not acknowledge either of these holidays nor does the music or TV shows. What does that tell you?

The problem isn’t holiday but the fact that Christmas has been replaced with holiday. Holiday tree, holiday gifts, holiday music, holiday shows, holiday classics, yet no other holidays are referenced in them. At one time it was the word Christmas. Can you imagine our traditions and culture being slowly eliminated to appease a small handful?

The word Christmas being offensive? This is still one of the most amazing crazy things out there. I hate Halloween but I will not be so low as to protest it or try and remove it from our culture. I tolerate it as do others.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

David Mercier