City created its own mess

Rural residents cannot be blamed for the costs of Penticton's projects

Elvena Slump has outdone herself with her letter in the Oct. 28 Western News.

The woman keeps complaining that rural residents fail to pay a user fee for some Penticton white elephants that placed the city and its voting residents in a deep hole — one they dug without seeking any input from we looking in from the outside. This accomplishment of doom and gloom was achieved with the help of the incumbent non-resident mayor who is also head honcho of the RDOS.

As far as Tom Isherwood goes, I will never have need to use your public facilities other than a washroom. I am quite sure Elvena would shy away from some outdoor toilets in Olalla (user fee or not), but she is welcome to use same for nothing.

My wife and I spend thousands of dollars per year in your beautiful city — so park your harp and take your worn-out trumpet to the dump Slump and clam up.

Pentictonites and your elected outsiders made the bed — you know the rest.

Tom Isherwood