Clean energy fuels debate

Watch out fellow B.C. commoners — is Christy Clark really any different then Gorden Campbell, same party same philosophy and same party members.

I attended the Town Hall Tour for Common Sense Canadians at the Shatford Centre on April 2 in Penticton with Rafe Mair, the Green Party’s Julius Bloomfield, an advocate for alternative energies, and filmmaker Damien Gillis. I’m not going to go through the whole very informative presentation, but as Mair commented, do we really need another BC Rail fiasco by having a private corporation take control of BC Hydro? Think your hydro rate increases are high now, watch what happens if this occurs.

Gillis showed one of his documentaries on the Enbridge Pipeline to B.C.’s North Coast that could endanger our environment even more then the destruction that we have already done and Bloomfield asked do we really to build new dams and destroy the environment even more by flooding vast areas of land, disrupting and in some cases even destroying fish and wildlife habitat. He suggested a better alternative would be to invest that money into solar, wind and geothermal energy production and on conservation.

All in all, it was the best two hours I’ve spent in a while so I would suggest you think long and hard on where you put your X on the ballet both provincial and federal.

Michael Gregoroff