Climate naysayers should have voice

(re: Naysayers should be silenced, Letters, Western News, Nov. 9)

Climate naysayers should have voice

(re: Naysayers should be silenced, Letters, Western News,  Nov. 9)

Well, do I have news for Mr. Martens, for more than a 100 years, news media have been doing this already.  There are even laws, to protect the official truth. My success rate is less than 50 per cent, because I am too straight forward with the truth.

You have to be quite smart to hide the truth in a pile of feathers, so that the editor will print it.

If the media would not censor critics, the First and Second World Wars would not have taken place.

There would have been no Remembrance Day, because all the soldiers killed would have died of natural causes or accidents.

That the newspapers now print the critical stories of global warming is, because the editor knows that there are only Munchausens in East Anglia. These chaps were caught falsifying evidence to suit their purpose and that says it all.

To learn the truth Mr. Martens, please check out the caricatures in the papers, because these come closest to the truth.

I tune into the news in the morning on TV, for about 20 minutes, reading only the headlines at the bottom, the rest I leave to the uninformed.

I then go on my computer and inform myself on alternate media.

On these sites, I also get the sources of the news, original historic quotations from high ups, newspaper clippings and headlines from other countries.

At present there is an information war going on between truth and lie. The alternative media people are confident they are going to win this war, because we now have computers, which we did not have before the First World War.

The people, who run these alternative media outlets, are professors, doctors, teachers and other intellects.

Therefore Mr. Martens, you get your news from the best among the herd. By the way, there is not much left, from the official story.

Otto Sturhahn