Club provides support for boating community

The Penticton Marina does not and has never received a tax exemption from the City of Penticton

It appears Ms. Schuyler Lighthall, has chosen to share her opinion without benefit of the facts (“Organization deserves scrutiny”, in the June 22 Western News).

The Penticton Marina does not and has never received a tax exemption from the City of Penticton. The marina “2012 Property Tax Notice” is $11,359.22 and will be paid by July 31 as required.

For the past 15 years, in addition to property taxes, Penticton Marina moorage holders have paid annually:

B.C. provincial marina property lease on behalf of City Penticton taxpayers $30,502.95.

City of Penticton sublease, with the Penticton Yacht and Tennis Club (PYTC) to operate the marina (approximately $36,000/2012).

Marina property liability insurance (approximately $10,000) on behalf of the city.

Bank loan repayment ($91,904/2011 including interest) for over $1.2 million of capital improvements required by the sublease agreement. And $35,000 to $45,000 for facility maintenance.

The Marina Management Committee (MMC) conducts the PYTC, business operations of the marina. This dedicated group of seven (not eight) volunteers is and has always been elected for three-year terms (not two), from a list of PYTC club members interested in promoting boating and without personal agendas.

These elections are conducted in accordance with the PYTC constitution. Generally, committee members are elected based on what they will “bring to the table” from their previous business experience (no criminals). In compliance with the constitution, the successful candidates names are then given to the commodore, who in turn decides whether to appoint them to the committee.

The Penticton Marina generated a profit of $17,000 on $472,000 total sales during the 2011 season (not a million dollar business). All of these monies are reinvested into the marina facility. The PYTC receives no revenue from the marina operations. They do it in support of the boating community and the citizens of Penticton.

I find myself wondering out loud, how a supposed educated individual could relate so many inaccuracies and maintain a profession, hmm?

Wayne Lebedow, marina manager

Penticton Yacht & Tennis Club