Comments hurt credibility

Majority of Conservative MPs simply nod their heads and agree with everything Prime Minister Harper says

Now I’ve heard it all. Prime Minister Harper blew it with the F35 jets (we will probably, and rightfully, bail on that deal). He blew it with the reduction to OAS/GIS. He blew it with closing debate on the crime bill (certainly the portion dealing with marijuana — which is not supported by the majority of the citizenry). He continues to agitate the population with outlandish proposals and then reverses them. He seems to have a policy of “How far can I push?”.

What’s worse is the complete lack of original thought by the majority of his caucus. Very few of his (his, not our) MPs will even so much as frown at any of his outdated policies. The majority of MPs just nod their heads like the ceramic dog in the back window of the ’55 Chevy, and support everything he says or does. This is not representational democracy — this is a disgrace.

I have noted Dan Albas’s complete support for the PM on all issues, and have tried not to be too critical; however, his recent comments in reference to the Safe Streets and Communities Act are ludicrous and self-serving.

If Dan Albas thinks that anyone believes that he has, as he states, “also heard from critics who believe that criminals are the real victims and should not be incarcerated” his analytical abilities are severely impaired. As stated, now I’ve heard it all. This is an obvious attempt to garner support for Harper’s policies by misrepresentation and is disingenuous, to say the least. His comments further detract from both his and Harper’s credibility (if that is possible).

I am pleased to hear that some Conservative MPs are now questioning some of Harper’s policies, if not his leadership. It is time for Dan Albas to be upstanding and represent the wishes of his riding, not just the wishes of one man on The Hill — who seems to have lost his concept of democracy

Patrick MacDonald