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Peaches Daycare grateful for outpouring of support following act of vandalism

Thank you to the community for all the support that was given to Peaches Daycare after the thoughtless act of vandalism crippled us.

The outpouring of support and donations were greatly appreciated and helped in restoring the outside play space.  A huge thank you goes to Rick from Rona and Randy from Premier Fencing for donating parts/labour in fixing the damaged gates; Lenard, Linda and Anna from Oliver for the toys; Mora, Alex and Ryan for donating their special car and bike; Ms. Sunderman for the random outside toys; Mr. & Mrs. Harcott and Mr. & Mrs. Joseph for their cash donations.

Lastly, I would like to thank the other individuals who dropped off items anonymously.  Each and every donation was greatly appreciated and is well loved by the children at Peaches Daycare.

Danica Kennedy, manager


Peaches Daycare