Company values employees

I would like to thank London Drugs for being a great business

I would like to thank London Drugs for being a great business. There are few Canadian companies like you around which still holds any value for their employees. Your slogan should say, save money live better, just like our employees. In these crazy economic times it’s good to know that there is still a company that won’t cheat its employees with poor wages and benefits.

I was amazed at what this company pays its employees and the benefits they offer. They are not union but you would never know. They support our community by supporting their employees. Unlike some other large American businesses in this town, London Drugs still holds to good Canadian values and knows how to treat its employees. It is sad that a company such as this has to compete with those that care little for their employees.

I have and will continue to support this Canadian business with my purchases. Tired of happy holiday American ideals and intolerance to our culture? London Drugs has a large selection of Christmas cards and employees are not forced to say happy holidays and have the freedom to wish a person a merry Christmas. Truly Canadian eh.

Thank you again London Drugs.

David Mercier