Concert hits a high note

Performance by Pen High Concert Band and Concert Choir draws standing ovation

Recently my wife and I had the pleasure of attending and listening to a musical performance by the Pen High Concert Band and Concert Choir. It was a great performance with bright musical futures ahead for a number of the participants.

Justin Glibbery, the music teacher and conductor of the performance, has to be congratulated for teaching and instilling a love for music in all of his students. Choir and band awards were made to some very deserving students.

The final presentation of the evening was a rendition from the Lord of the Rings – Return of the King featuring all the students with some additional voices from the Naramata Community Choir. It and the entire evening received a standing ovation. Congratulations to Justin Glibbery and all the participants — it was a great evening for music.

Gus Boersma