Costs keep going up

StatsCan figures on inflation don't reflect the true costs for consumers

StatsCan came out with the revelation that inflation only increased by 1.9 per cent over the last year, but then they qualified this by explaining that this number somehow was not the actual rate but the difference in what was anticipated and what did happen. This is hobbly-gob and was meant to confuse the public. Regardless of what the government wants us to think, we were hit with major price increases in everything that we purchased. For instance:

Did you know that we are now paying over $6 per gallon for gasoline? That’s right. There are 4.55 liters in one imperial gallon, and at $1.32/liter this equates to $6.006 per gallon. A couple of months ago, gas could be purchased at $1.21/litre and now it is $1.32, an increase of 11 cents a litre. If your car gets 26 mpg, this means that it costs you 41 cents per mile to operate. And this is in a country that is swimming in oil and the huge oil and gas corporations are swimming in never before imagined profits.

It is time that the citizens of this country stood up to these greedy companies and demanded more equitable prices, but this will only happen when the voters voice their anger at the politicians that allow these companies to rape our natural resources, accept outrageous subsidies, pay little in the way of royalties, and all this without any thought for you or I.

Perhaps if you contact your MP you will have better luck than I, as I have emailed my MP many times but have never received a reply. I guess he is too busy to bother with us little guys, and anyway he has an expense account.

Donald E Thorsteinson