Coyotes on the prowl

Something has to be done to these predators so they quit killing pets or other wildlife

In regards to the deer in Penticton, we haven’t seen any for months now. But there is a new problem — coyotes, five in a pack (who work together) to be exact. They have been seen in the area by the Leir House for the past month or more.

The neighbours have told us of two different stories regarding people having their dogs getting taken right out of their yards by coyotes who actually seem to be tracking their prey and then killing them and hearing of cats being killed by them as well.

I personally am afraid to even go out in my yard on garbage day to take the garbage out in the early morning because I might get attacked.

We were going to get a puppy or dog, but are putting that on hold till the coyotes move on or are dealt with, as I would be afraid of letting the dog go out in our fenced yard to relieve themselves when the coyotes can dig their way under the fence to get in the yard to get at their prey, which is our beloved pet.

So please watch out for your pets, keep them indoors where they will be safe. If you have a large pet door, I would nail it shut presently as a coyote could try to enter your home if it is chasing your pet who is entering your home.

Something has to be done to these predators so they quit killing pets or other wildlife. Have you noticed, their are no sightings of raccoons? Maybe the coyotes are killing them.

If there are any other people out there who have had their pets taken by coyotes, please call me or write in to the paper with your concerns.

Laura Pede