Cyclists should share costs

Cyclists callings for improvements to Eastside Road should be willing to help pay for those improvements

As a frequent user of Eastside Road, I have noticed that the “Share the Road” signs have bred like rats, and the “Ride single file” signs have disappeared.

In a time of economic difficulty, it is overdue that “Share the road” and then “Share the cost” should be implemented.

The motoring public and taxpayers should not have to cover these expenses for special-interest groups. Therefore, may I propose a solution?

I can hear the whining now. As of, say Jan. 1, 2013, all vehicles using the roadways must be licensed and those vehicles must carry insurance as do motor vehicles.

This could be collected by ICBC as they seem to have contributed to improvements to roadways as reported in your publication.

This income stream would then be spent on those special-interest groups’ needs and help pay for said improvements.

John Wyllie


Okanagan Falls