Dark day for fire department

Fire Department losing Liz Wilson, who has been the operations assistant and public educator for nine years

On Nov. 24, we were given the news that at the end of December the person that many people would call the ‘face’ of the fire department will no longer be here.

Liz Wilson has been the operations assistant and public educator for nine years, and has been instrumental in teaching, not only our children to “stop, drop and roll,” but has also gone to each seniors centre, to make sure that our elderly will get out alive. She has spoken at numerous conferences and has been commended on her dedication to fire prevention and education.

She has been tireless in her efforts to teach our children to learn their phone number and address, to call 911 in an emergency, to never play with fire and to always play safe.  You know her from the classrooms, the safety village and whenever you have come to the fire department for a tour.

Even when she is not in her customary uniform or with her faithful sidekick Sparky, the children of our community know her and love her. Never without a smile or kind word, she has given her time and her passion to keep us all safe. She will be missed.

We, her colleagues at the fire department, wish her well wherever her path leads her.  Thank you Liz for your dedication to our community. Our loss is someone else’s gain.

Karen Henderson