Deer do pose a threat

Penticton is seeing a new generation of deer without fear of humans as well as dogs

This is response to Wally James and his letter regarding the dangers from deer being nonsense. Well, maybe you should take a trip out to my aunt’s house in Kaleden. Here you will meet her 13-year-old Yorkie cross dog who has been attacked on her own porch twice and is now deaf and blind thanks to the last attack.

My aunt has seen the demeanor of these animals change over the last few years and they will attack unprovoked (meaning no babies to protect and not cornered by any type of predator). I, like many, think they are beautiful creatures, but they belong and need to be in the wilderness. The source of their bravery comes from them being fed by people who want them in their yards and think it is so cool.

Now we have a new generation of deer without fear of humans as well as dogs. For those who feed these animals, you are to blame for the carnage they cause. These are wild beautiful animals that must be in their own environment where they can be free, with only their natural predators.

The most amazing sight I saw was this past weekend at Kalamalka Park outside of Vernon: three beautiful wild deer in the forest. When they saw us, they were leery, and as we walked closer, even though we were not walking towards them, they ran. These were animals that were in their real home, they had no interest in us, as far as they were concerned we were the dangerous ones.

So the fact is there is a problem here in Penticton with aggressive deer, not all of them, but there are some bad ones. So for all who don’t want them in their yards and rightfully so, get a real fence and that will keep them out. For all those who are feeding them, I hope your neighbours choose wisely and photograph you feeding them, then report you to the proper authorities.

Lois Starr