Deer problem still there Mr. Mayor

Calls may have stopped coming in, but deer complaints in Penticton still there.

It was interesting to read Garry Litke’s comment in the paper, which stated, “The number of complaints about deer has really dropped off in the last little while.”

I am sorry to break the news to you Gary, the deer haven’t gone away we just quit calling.  I called the number at city hall and left a message.  In the message I asked if I was to call each time I saw a deer in my yard, or each time a deer threatened my dogs and I or if one call was enough.

Funny I never heard back from anyone, so I quit calling but the deer have not left.  Just the other day I went to walk my dogs and there were three  deer in my front yard.  They refused to leave and when I tried to scare them off they charged at us.  We couldn’t go for a walk over my lunch hour that day. I even erected a new fence around my back yard to keep them out but that hasn’t stopped them from jumping in.

I am not sure how other’s are feeling but the attitude that no news is good news just doesn’t fly.

Daryl Meyers