Democracy is destructive instead of constructive

I always wondered why so many ancient nations came and went; now I think I found the answer to this question.

I always wondered why so many ancient nations came and went; now I think I found the answer to this question.

I traced the process from Egypt to Assyria, Babylonia, Persia, Greece and Rome to today and found that all of them disintegrated with democracy at the final.

I also found that all of these nations used advisors and experts from the same pool of people, just as it is common in our modern democratic governments.

Unfortunately, these advisors and experts guided the respective governments in a direction; that is contrary to human nature.

These advisors purposely led the countries in a direction to undermine the system of governments to their own financial advantages.

All of these nations started with good, strong, upright and well-intended people, but over time, these advisors made sure that the people always accepted willingly a slow decline of morality and intellect.

The pool of people, from where these advisors came, used trickery, deceit, theatrics, media and money to obtain positions of political influence, where they could do the most damage to the nations.

First, they assisted financially in creating a climate of business, where politicians were able to benefit financially and the politician in return gave them jobs in politically important positions, were they were able to guide the people to their advantage. With democracies, they then opened the floodgates to corrupt the entire nations.

Someone, the most unlikely person once said, “there is very little qualitative differences between African, European, Mongol or Red Indian people.” Now I will use my own words to shorten: all of them have smart and stupid people, but throwing all of them, black white, yellow and red, intelligent and stupid, into the same pot, can only mean a decline in all of their qualities.

Unfortunately, all of the disappearing nations did just that and mixed up the entire nation with slaves from different tribes, from which they made huge amounts of money. The advisors made sure to average the qualitative intelligence and reduced it to mediocre stupidity.

The advisors made sure to reduce morality in all nations to a state of Sodom and Gomorrah, just as we have today. This is the reason, why democracy is destructive instead of constructive. This trend then led to the disintegration of the empires, because the people in it, were too stupid and could never produce a common front for defense.

Otto Sturhahn