Dog finds new leash on life

This is a message to my former owner:

I am a friendly little five-year-old small-breed doggie. On April 2 you took me for a ride but then you dumped me out of your car in a remote area, in the snow, and drove away.

I don’t know why you did this but I was very frightened because there were lots of coyotes and owls there that might eat me. So I ran up and down the road looking for you and almost got run over by a car.

But the car stopped and a nice person picked me up and took me home. She gave me a bath and some good food and contacted everyone she could think of to find out if someone was looking for me, but nobody was. Then I visited the vet and got some medicine for my infection.

The vet has now done some more things to help my thin little body because you didn’t get his help when I needed care.

Now I am getting healthy and feel very happy. My new friend knows that you just didn’t want me any more. Good-bye.

Marilyn Ray, on behalf of Dexter