Dog owners need to pick up

Perhaps dog walkers also need to pack a pee bottle to go along with pooper scooper

We know man’s best friend outside your good natured little sweetie is the dog.

But man is not always the dog’s best friend when walking it.

They have the poor embarrassed dog desecrating Mother Nature with its droppings and pee and leaving it there. How would you like to have that happen to your mother?

People who walk their dog without a pooper scooper, bag and peebottle should be fined $200 for a first offence and an additional $100 for every offence thereafter plus made to take a six-week course in compassionate dog diapering.

Should the offence continue the offender would be required to spend four weekends pooper scooping and beautifying the community and Mother Nature.

Can’t look after a dog with responsible love, don’t have one.  Gift it to your mother-in-law.

Joe Schwarz