Dog saved from attack

Dr. Stephen Harvey at Penticton Veterinary Hospital saves dog bitten by rattlesnake

On June 8 while hiking over the Dutton Meadows, our royal standard poodle, Buddy, was bitten by a timber rattlesnake (it struck then rattled).

Saying we had a sick feeling of panic would be an understatement. After carrying our 80-pound “Buddy” a mile back to the truck and driving 10 miles down the mountain we finally got cellphone service, but who to call (all the veterinarians we deal with are closed after 5 p.m. and weekends).

We phoned our friend Dave Sloan (of Matheson Creek Farm), and asked him to please help us. In five to 10 minutes Dave phoned back to say Dr. Stephen Harvey was waiting for us at his Penticton Veterinary Hospital with a veterinary technician and the anti-venom serum.

I was praying to God and calling on all my angels, and Dr. Harvey was there to save our beloved Buddy. I don’t think Buddy would have lived if we had to drive to Kelowna. Our undying gratitude goes out to Dr. Stephen Harvey and all his staff.

David Kern and

Carol Amundsen-Kern

OK Falls