Driven to distraction

Police should do more to target drivers using cellphones

RCMP Insp. Brad Haugli, the time has come for the RCMP to set up a reporting system for the driving public to report idiots driving with their cellphones stuck in their ears.

I was driving north on Amherst Street when a one-armed driver with a cellphone stuck in her ear turned south on to Amherst from Industrial Avenue. The one-armed driver was driving on my side of the street while making her left turn.

If the RCMP set up a reporting system, many Penticton drivers would probably spend the time to obtain the licence plate numbers of the offending drivers and then register the traffic infraction on an Internet reporting system. If it is possible to come up with a workable reporting system that results in charges being laid, these idiots will think twice when they steer their vehicles with one arm while turning and driving.

Please forward this message to individuals in government, ICBC and the RCMP that have the political clout to implement a workable reporting system for all traffic infractions.

Hopefully, we see a press release in the near future addressing the above concerns and that the RCMP will advise the driving public of their rights to implement changes in driving habits on our roads.

Ted Wiltse